Rosa Mystica: A powerful Prayer during the Hour of Grace


I found this powerful prayer in an online site and researched on it.  Let me start this post on the prayer and how to recite this during the Hour of Grace which is on December 8, then below it I shall share its history.  It caught my attention because this Sunday, December 8,  will be the feast of Immaculate Conception and a few years back my parents and I visited the miraculous Rosa Mystica in a small village in Belgium near Liege.

Apologies for the very long post. I wanted to centralise everything I researched on about Rosa Mystica here because they are all scattered all around the world wide web.

The post consists of the Following:


Request of Our Heavenly Mother for the Hour of Grace:

1. To be started from 12 noon until 1 p.m. (one full hour of prayer);

2. During this hour the person making the Hour of Grace either at home or in a church must put away all distractions;

3. Begin the Hour of Grace by praying three times the 51st Psalm with outstretched arms;

4. The rest of the Hour of Grace may be spent in silent communication with God, adoring the Sacred Host, meditating upon the Passion of Jesus, saying the Holy Rosary, praising God in you own way or by using favourite prayers, singing hymns, etc.

Hour of Grace
(Requested by the Blessed Mother)
1. Day and time of “Hour Of Grace”: December 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception. . .to
be 12 noon 1:00 p.m. (one full hour of prayer).
2. During this hour the person making the “Hour of Grace”, either at home or in Church, must
put away all distractions. (Do not answer the telephone, or answer any doors, or do anything
but totally concentrate on your union with God during this Special Hour of Grace.)
3. Begin the “Hour of Grace” by praying the 51st Psalm three times with outstretched arms.
4. The rest of the “Hour of Grace” may be spent in silent communication with God, meditating
upon the Passion of Jesus, saying the Holy Rosary, praising God in your own way or by
using favorite prayers, singing hymns, meditating upon other Psalms, etc.

Psalm 51 — The Miserere
Prayer of Repentance (A psalm of David when Nathan the prophet came to him
after his sin with Bathsheba.)
1. Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness; in your abundant compassion blot out
my offense.
2. Wash Me thoroughly from mine iniquity; and cleanse me from my sin.
3. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.
4. Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight; that Thou mightiest be
justified when Thou speakest, and be clear when Thou judgest.
5. Behold, I was shaped in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.
6. Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts; and in the hidden part Thou shalt make me to
know wisdom.
7. Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
8. Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which Thou hast broken may rejoice.
9. Turn away Thy Face from my sins; and blot out all mine iniquities.
10. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
11. Cast me not away from Thy Presence; and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.
12. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and uphold me with Thy free Spirit.
13. Then will I teach transgressors Thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.
14. Deliver me from blood guilt, O God, thou God of my salvation; and my tongue shall sing
aloud of Thy justice.
15. O Lord, open Thou my lips; and my mouth shall proclaim Thy praise.
16. For Thou desires not sacrifice else would I give it; Thou delights not in burnt offerings.
17. My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit; a heart contrite and humbled, O God, Thou wilt not
18. Be bountiful, O Lord, to Sion in Thy kindness; by rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.
19. Then shalt Thou be pleased with sacrifices of righteousness, with burnt offerings and
holocausts; then shall they offer bullocks upon Thine altar.

Pierina Gilli

Pierina Gilli with Rosa Mystica

The story of the apparitions, which has the approval of the local bishop  was accepted by Ven. Pope Pius XII. Officially the Holy See has not pronounced on the supernatural nature of the apparitions, but has permitted the bishop’s approval to stand.

On August 9, 1951 Pope Pius XII granted a private audience to Pierina Gilli, the seer of Montichiari at Castel Gandolfo. She had arrived with a friend and the man who had arranged the audience. At the close of the meeting the Pontiff bent toward the kneeling seer and asked her to pray for him and the Pontiffs, saying: “Please, pray also for Us!”

In the spring of  1947, Pierina Gilli, worked in a hospital located in Montichiari (or Montes Claros), Italy. This village is situated in the fertile Po River plain, a hundred kilometers north of San Damiano, with gorgeous lake Guard six miles farther, against the backdrop of the Italian Alps.
Twenty-two miles northwest lies Brescia. Liagado to Montichiari is the suburb of Fontanelle, which Pierina was born August 3, 1911.
While she was alone in a room he saw a beautiful woman who “wore a violet dress and a white veil around the head suddenly arise. She looked very sad and had tears in his eyes tears that fell on the floor. Three large swords pierced her breast. ”
The beautiful lady said only three words, moreover, what the Church since Christ has repeated insistently:
“Prayer – Penance – Reparation”.
By saying these words remained silent. Tears fell from her eyes sparkling in big drops. Shortly after he disappeared.

It was in Montichiari, Italy on July 13th, 1941 that Our Lady said: It is my wish that the 13th of July of each year be celebrated in honour of the Rosa Mystica—I am the Mother of the mystical body of Christ—the Mother of the Church”.

This ought not to surprise us because the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary [The Litany of Loreto] has an invocation to the Virgin under the title, “Rosa Mystica”.

In the church of Maria Rosenberg in Germany, there is a miraculous image that is venerated as “Rosa Mystica”. Church documents from 1138 attest to this long standing devotion. Under that image are painted a white, a red, and a golden rose. And around the image on the right and on the left are painted thirteen golden roses. This is unmistakably a future indication of Our Lady’s express desire at Montichiari that the 13th of July be venerated in honor of the Rosa Mystica.

The writngs of Church Fathers also use this title for the Mother of God.

If we look to the origin of the apparitions, we find that Our Lady is most concerned with priests and religious.



During the period of November 24 1946 to December 8, 1947, the Blessed Mother appeared to Sister Pierina in a little church in Montichiari, Italy, eleven times.

On the first appearance the Blessed Mother told Sister Pierina She wanted to be known as the Mystical Rose and that an hour of grace should be kept at noon, December 8th, in all the Catholic Churches of the world. The Blessed Mother wanted this to be known through all Italy, and the entire world.

It was November 16, 1947 when Sister Pierina was finishing Her Thanksgiving after Holy Communion when she saw a great light. She then saw a vision of the Blessed Mother as the Mystical Rose.

Sister was so deeply moved by the stunning beauty of Our Lady that she began talking to Her. All of a sudden a gentle force made her kneel down in front of Our Lady. The Blessed Mother spoke these words. “My Son is so greatly offended by the sins of impurity. He is already planning to send the deluge upon the people, for their destruction, but I have asked Him to show mercy, and not send the destruction. So that is why I have appeared, to ask for penance and atonement for the sins of impurity.”

On the 22nd of November, Sister Pierina felt the overwhelming urge to go to church at 4:00. The Mother Superior, four Sisters, and a group of friends accompanied her. They were all saying the Rosary when the Blessed Mother appeared as before.

Again, Our Lady asked for penance. She said, “Penance is nothing more than accepting all our crosses daily willingly. No matter how small, accept them with love.” At this time She told Sister Pierina to come again on December 8th at noon. “This will be my Hour of Grace.” The Sister asked how she was to prepare for this Hour of Grace? To which the Blessed Mother said, “with prayers and penance. Pray the 51st psalm with outstretched arms three times. During the Hour of Grace, many spiritual graces would be granted. The most hard-hearted sinners will be touched by the grace of God.” The Blessed Mother promised that whatever a person asked her for during this Hour of Grace (even in impossible cases) would be granted to them, if it was in accordance with the Will of the Eternal Father.

On the morning of December 8th, people began arriving at the little church at 8:00 in the morning form neighbouring towns. By noon, some 10,000 people had gathered to see the Blessed Mother… In the most gentle and loving voice, Our Lady smiled ad began to speak [to Sister Pierina]: “I am the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of my Beloved Son, Jesus. I want to be known as the Mystical Rose. My wish is that every year on the 8th of December, at noon, an Hour of Grace will be installed. Many spiritual graces and physical blessings will be received by those who pray, undisturbed, during this hour.”

Maria Rosa Mystica Apparitions

Blessed Mother appeared under the title of “Rosa Mystica” (Mystical Rose) at Montichiari in Northern Italy to Pierina Gilli. The purpose of this devotion was to reform of the religious and religious institutions. During the sixth apparition, Our Blessed Mother appeared with the two children of Fatima (Francisco and Jacinta) which shows Her appearance under the title of “Rosa Mystica” and considered  a continuation of Fatima.


The altar in the Chapel of the visionaries place



First apparition in Spring, 1947
Pierina Gilli was born on August 3, 1911 at Montichiari and worked as a nurse in the hospital there. The first time Our Blessed Mother appeared to Pierina was in a hospital room in the spring of 1947. Our Lady, a beautiful woman, wore a violet dress with a white veil around her head. She was very sad; her eyes were filled with tears which fell to the floor. Her breast was pierced by three big swords. Our Lady said, “Prayer – Penitence – Expiation” and was silent.


Second apparition on June 13, 1947
Our Lady appeared again in the hospital. This time Our Lady was dressed in white and instead of the three swords she had three beautiful roses; a white one, a red one and a golden one. Pierina asked her “Please tell me who you are.” Our Lady answered smiling: “I am the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of you. Our Lord sends me to bring you a new Marian devotion for all male and female institutes, religious orders and secular priests. I promise those religious institutes, orders and secular priests who venerate me in this special way my special protection, an increase of spiritual vocations, fewer betrayed vocations and great sanctity among the servants of God. I wish the 13th of each month to be celebrated as the day of Mary. On the twelve preceding days special prayers of preparation should be said. On this day I shall send to these religious institutes, members of orders, and secular priests who have honored me in this way, a superabundance of graces and great sanctity. I wish the 13th of July of each year to be celebrated in honor of the “Rosa Mystica”, the mystical rose.” Pierina asked now whether she would perform a miracle. Our Lady answered “The most evident miracle will be: The godly souls who for some time, especially during the war-time, became lukewarm, so that they were unfaithful or even betrayed their vocation, will cease to offend Our Lord gravely. By their great offenses they brought punishment and persecution upon the church – as we experience it in our days. But then the original spirit of their holy founders will blossom again.” Our Lady explained to Pierina the meaning of the three swords and three roses.


The first sword means: Loss of vocation as a priest or monk

The second sword means: Priests, monks and nuns who live in deadly sin

The third sword means: Priests and monks who commit the treason of Judas. While giving up their vocation, they often lose also their faith, their eternal beatitude and become enemies of the church

The Spirit of Prayer The Spirit of Expiation The Spirit of Penitence

Third apparition on October 22, 1947
Our Lady appeared in the chapel of the hospital during the service, in the presence of many staff members, doctors and people from the town. Our Lady asked for the realization of the devotion she had recommended and said among other things: “My Divine Son, tired of the continuing offenses, wanted to act according to His justice. So I placed myself as a Mediatrix between Him and the human race, especially the consecrated souls.”

Fourth apparition on November 16, 1947
Our Lady appeared in the Basilica of Montichiari in the presence of some people and several priests. Among other things Our Lady said: “Our Lord, my Divine Son, is tired of the many offenses, the severe offenses, the sins against holy purity. He wants to send another flood of punishment. I have interceded that He may be merciful once more. Therefore, I ask for your prayer and penitence to expiate those sins.” Pierina replied to Our Lady’s request with a willing “Yes”. The Blessed Virgin added “I ardently ask the priest to admonish the people in love that they do not commit these sins any more.” Pierina asked: “Will He then pardon us?” Our Lady answered “Yes, as long as one does not commit them anymore.” With these words she went away.

Fifth apparition on November 22, 1947
Our Lady appeared to Pierina in the Basilica of Montichiari in the presence of several people and requested Pierina to make four crosses with her tongue on the floor just in the middle of the church, exactly under the dome. Then Our Lady descended on the crosses and said “I descend on this place because it is here that great conversions will occur. Today there are just the Christians of your Italian nation who most offend Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, by their sins against holy purity. Therefore the Lord demands: Prayer, great Sacrifices and Penitence.” Pierina asked “What do we have to do to fulfill your wish for prayer and penance?” Our Lady replied “Prayer” after a short, silent pause, She explained “Penitence means acceptance of the little daily crosses and also doing one’s work in the spirit of penitence.” Our Lady then said “On December 8th at noon I shall appear again here in the Basilica and it will be the hour of grace.” Pierina asked “Please explain to me the meaning of Hour of Grace.” Our Lady replied “The Hour of Grace – great and numerous conversions will occur! Souls, totally hardened, cold as this marble, will be touched by divine grace and become faithful and God-loving again.” This was the only time that Our Lady predicted her next appearance. All other apparitions came unannounced.

Sixth apparition on December 7, 1947
Our Lady appeared at the church, there were only three persons present including the Father Confessor of the seer. Our Lady, as “Rosa Mystica” wore a while cloak. This was held by a boy at the right-hand side and by a girl on the left-hand side. Both were dressed in white. Our Lady said “Tomorrow I shall show you my immaculate heart. In Bonate I tried to introduce this devotion into Christian families.” (Bonate where Our Lady appeared during the war is situated near Bergamo) “Here in Montichiari, I wish the devotion of the Rosa Mystica together with the veneration of my immaculate heart to be increased in the religious institutes and the monastic communities, in order that these souls dedicated to God may receive more graces from my motherly heart.” Our Lady then confided a secret to Pierina with the promise that She would tell her the time for the secret to be made public. Pierina asked “Who are the two children at your side?” Our Lady replied “Jacinta and Francisco, they will be your companions in all your afflictions. They too have suffered, though they were much younger than you. Look, this is how I would like you to be, Simple and good as these children used to be.” Our Lady extended her arms protectingly, looked up to Heaven and exclaimed “Sia benedetto il Signore!” which means “Praised be the Lord!” Then she disappeared.

Seventh Apparition on December 8, 1947
On this great feast some thousand of people gathered from everywhere to be present this day. It was only with a great deal of effort that Pierina was able to get into the Basilica. She knelt down on the spot where the other appearances had taken place. During the recitation of the Holy Rosary, Pierina called out “O, la Madonna!” Great silence ensued. Our Lady appeared on a big white staircase which was on both sides decorated with white, red and yellow roses. Our dear Lady smiled and said: “I am the Immaculate Conception” and with great majesty descending she said: “I am Mary, full of grace, Mother of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ” descending even more, She said “I come here to Montichiari because it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as “Rosa Mystica”. I wish people to celebrate each year on December 8th at noon the Hour of Grace for the whole world. With this exercise one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces. Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will be abundantly merciful so long as good mean go on praying for their fellow-men. As soon as possible let the supreme shepherd of the church, Pope Pius XII know: It is my wish that this Hour of Grace be publicized and spread through the whole world. If someone cannot go to church at this time he is to pray at noon at home and he will receive graces from me. He who prays on these bricks and sheds tears of repentance will find a secure ladder to Heaven and get protection and graces from my motherly heart.”

With these words Our beautiful and radiant Lady showed Pierina her heart and burst into the following words: “Look at this heart which loves human beings so very much though most of them overwhelm it with abuses! When good people and bad people unite in prayer, they will receive mercy and peace from this heart. At present the Lord has been merciful to the good ones because of my intercession. This has delayed a great judgment of God. Very soon one will know how important this Hour of Grace is.”

When Pierina saw that Our Lady was going to depart, she said “Dear Lady, I thank you! Bless my homeland Italy and the whole world, but especially the Holy Father, the priests, the religious and the sinners.” Our Lady replied “I have an abundance of graces ready for all those children who hear my voice and take my wishes to heart.” Our Lady confided to Pierina a secret and promised to come again and tell her when the moment came for revealing it.

Miraculous healings happened during this apparition. By order of the Reverend Bishop of the diocese of Brescia, Monsignore Giacinto Tredici, Pierina spent several years in Brescia helping in a convent. In 1966 a new and second phase of the apparitions of Our Lady began again. In February, 1966 Pierina was praying in her room in front of the altar of Our Lady when she had the great joy of seeing Our Lady again. Our Lady gave her consolation, new courage and predicted that there would be a new apparition at Fontanelle on the following Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, the 17th of April, 1966. Fontanelle is a part of Montichiari, some kilometers away from the church.

The room where Pierina died

Chapel of Rosa Mystica in the home of the visionary Pierina Gilli

First apparition on April 17, 1966
Pierina went up and down on the path above the well and prayed the Holy Rosary. About noon after Angelus Our Lady appeared to her and said: “My Divine Son is all love and He sent me here to bestow upon this well healing power. . . As a sign of penitence and purification kiss this top step!” A stone staircase leads from the path down to the well. “Go further downstairs, stay on your knees and kiss the step again!” Pierina was gliding backwards on her knees down the steps. Our Lady followed her and one could see her bare feet very well. For the third time Our Lady said: “Now kiss the steps again and put here a crucifix!” With her left hand Our Lady marked the place. “The sick people and all my children shall first ask my Divine Son to forgive them, then lovingly kiss this cross, and then they should draw water or drink.” Our Lady went near the well and said: “Take mud, dirt in your hands . . .then wash with the water! This is to show that sin becomes mud and dirt in the hearts of my children, but cleansed in the water of grace, souls become clean again and worthy of grace.” Our Lady bowed down and touched the water of the well at two places with her hands. Then she said: “All my children must know the desires of my Son Jesus as I told them in 1947, His desires and my messages given at that time in the church of Montichiari. I wish the sick and all my children to come to this miraculous well. Your mission is now here amidst the sick and all who need your help. I wish you further to tell the faithful they have first to go to the church and adore my Divine Son Jesus in the most holy sacrament of the altar. Afterwards they are to come here. First they are to give thanks to the Lord who is so benignant and merciful, and who gave so much love and grace to Montichiari.”

Rosa Mystica


Second apparition on May 13, 1966 (anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima in 1917)
Our Lady said “I wish that the news of my coming here to the spring be spread everywhere.” Pierina answered “How can I do that if no one believes me and everyone hinders me?” Our Lady replied “Your mission is here as I told you before.” Pierina begged “Our dear Lady, if you don’t perform a miracle here, the ecclesiastical authorities will not believe me. I do ask you to perform a miracle” Our Lady said “My Divine Son is all love. The world is approaching ruin. Once more I have obtained mercy for you; therefore He sent me again to Montichiari to bring you the graces of His love . . . Prayer – Sacrifice – Penitence are necessary to save humanity.”

At the time of the apparitions had a water fountain in Fontanelle who was abandoned and hidden. In the picture you see the state it was in the grotto and the fountain when the Virgin appeared and blessed the water.

At the time of the apparitions had a water fountain in Fontanelle who was abandoned and hidden. In the picture you see the state it was in the grotto and the fountain when the Virgin appeared and blessed the water.

Our Lady pointed to the spring which she had previously touched twice with her hands on April 17, 1966 and said “I wish a convenient basin to be built here to immerse the sick in the water . . . the other part of the well is reserved for drinking.” Pierina answered “Yes, I will tell them.” Pierina asked “How shall we call this spring?” Our Lady answered “The Spring of Grace”. Pierina asked “What is your name?” Our Lady answered “Rosa Mystica” With wide-spread arms and wide-spread mantle she said smiling “I have come to bring love, union and peace to my children. I beg you, don’t throw dirt on charity!” Pierina replied “Yes, thank you” Pierina also asked Our Lady the meaning of the very wide and big mantle spread over the whole world. Our Lady answered “This signifies my motherly love which is spread over all humanity and all my children.” Pierina asked “What is to happen here in Fontanelle?” Our Lady replied “Works of charity for the sick who will come here.”


I wish a convenient basin to be built here to immerse the sick in the water

Third apparition on June 9, 1966
Our Lady came done with her feet on a ripening wheat field. Those present watched as she seemed to touch the ears of the wheat. Our Lady said “Today my Divine Son Jesus Christ has sent me here again, on Corpus Christi, the festival of union and love.” She spread her arms wide and said “How very much I wish that this wheat would become Eucharistic bread in many communions of expiation!” Majestically looking up to Heaven she went on “It is my wish that this wheat be baked into holy wafers and brought to Rome, and reach Fatima for the 13th of October.” Pierina asked “Do they have to offer the whole wheat?” Our Lady replied “I want good hearts to fulfill this desire . . . I want a statue erected here facing the well and roofed over.” Pierina said “Yes, I shall tell them but I do not understand exactly what you mean.” Our Lady replied “I wish the statue to be brought here on the 13th of October in procession. But before that I wish the inhabitants of Montichiari to devote themselves to my Immaculate Heart. Montichiari is the place chosen for me by my Divine Son in which to bestow the graces of His Love.”


Fourth apparition on August 6, 1966
Our Lady said “My Divine Son Jesus has sent me here again to ask for a world union of Communions of expiation. And this must happen on the 13th of October. This day of Communion of expiation shall spread over the whole world and in this year 1966 it is to be held for the first time and then repeated every year. To those priests and believers who sponsor this practice I promise an abundance of my graces.” Pierina asked about the wheat and Our Lady answered “One may send part of this wheat to my beloved son Paul VI and tell him that this wheat comes from his homeland of Brescia, from Montichiari, and that it is blessed by our apparition. Tell him also what my Divine Son Jesus Christ wishes . . . Part of the wheat be sent to Fatima.” Pierina asked what to do with the other wheat. Our Lady answered “Let small loves be baked and distribute them on a certain day here at the well of Fontanelle as a remembrance of our apparition. And this is to be sign of gratitude from those who till the soil. After my assumption into Heaven I have always worked as mother and Mediatrix between my Divine Son Jesus Christ and humanity. How many graces have I granted in all these centuries . . . how many benefits . . . how many judgments have I held up . . . how many dialogues I have had with souls . . . How often did I come to earth to bring my messages, but human beings go on offending the Lord! That is why I want the world union of expiatory communions. This will be an act of love, of gratitude of the children of God towards their Lord. I have chosen the little town of Montichiari because the simple and modest farmers they still have the same humility as the farmers and shepherds in Bethlehem. This place will be a place where there is much prayer and a place of rich blessings.”

By order of the Bishop, Pierina has not been allowed to go to Fontanelle since 1966. In obedience she acts according to this interdiction. But Our Lady is not bound by a human interdiction or to a special place. Pierina reports further apparitions.

October 12, 1968
Our Lady said “Tell all my children who have fulfilled my request to make expiator communion that I shall give them a superabundance of graces! And tell all who come to the well which I have blessed, to venerate me there. It is my desire that one prays here the holy rosary. I shall come there myself with the angels of Heaven to offer these prayers to the Lord. So shall many hearts be united in the same love there, . . . Heaven and earth! How many graces these children get! . . . I see everything and I bless everything!

February 14, 1970
Our Lady said “Pierina, I come once more and ask for prayer and expiation. So many souls are in danger of being eternally lost. Sacrifices are needed to save them. . . In Montichiari I gave my whole love . . . Look, my love covers the whole world. You, little creature, were the channel through which I gave my love, and I give it again for souls. Giving love! Nothing is greater! The love of God and the love of the neighbor is a prayer that ascends to the Lord! With it we give ourselves and therefore everything! Suffer for love! Give in secret and speak by prayer!”


May 19, 1970
The apparition on this day has a special, far-reaching meaning. Our Lady appeared as usual in her white mantle, her heart adorned with the three roses – white, red and golden. Over the right arm she is wearing a big rosary which does not end in a cross, but in a medal. Our Lady spreads her arms and shows in the palms of her hands a round golden medal. With her right hand she shows the picture on the obverse side which has Our Lady with folded hands on a staircase, her head is inclined slightly to the left. Over her head three roses, roses also at her feet on the staircase. At the right side of the medal the inscription “Rosa” at the left side “Mystica”. In the palm of her left hand Our Lady then showed the reverse side: a round church with a dome and three big gates. Above the inscription “Maria Madre della Chiesa” that means “Mary, Mother of the Church”. Our Lady said “It is my wish that a medal be struck like the one which I am showing you. The Lord chose to send me here to Montichiari to bring the present of His love, to bring the spring of graces and to bring the present of this medal of my motherly love. Look, I have intervened to spread this medal, the present of universal love. My children will wear it on their hearts. Everywhere people will wear this medal…I promise my motherly protection and graces to all of them. Today the world wants to destroy the love and veneration that human beings always had for me . . . But the medal of my motherly love is the sign that my children will always have me with them, the Mother of the Lord! The Mother of humanity! Look, this is the triumph of universal love: The blessing of the Lord and my love will always be with those who resort to me!”

Medal of Rosa Mystica

Medal of Rosa Mystica

July 22, 1973 (Important Apparition)
Our Lady said “The Lord has sent me to bring his love to humanity – his mercy. My motherly invitation so that my children may feel the beating of my heart. I desire my wishes to be fulfilled. Fontanelle will be transformed into a lighthouse of prayer – of penitence.” Pierina asked “What prayers and acts of penitence should be performed?”

Our Lady answered “Prayers of faith – Prayers of love – Prayers of benediction – Prayers of petition.” “Pray the Holy Rosary!” She went on “Yes, also at this place I do desire penance to expiate the sins of men. In this intention one must go on foot from the bridge to Fontanelle and pray – pray! I do wish people to begin with this practice at once. Until now there have been only a few who have done so.”

Pierina asked if one should go by oneself and Our Lady answered “Yes, but also in groups and processions, saying prayers of penitence.”

Pierina asked “I have a big question to ask, Our Dear Lady, why did you reveal yourself under the name of Rosa Mystica? What meaning has this for the holy church?” Smilingly Our Lady replied “This is no new devotion, it is connected and begins with the moment when my Divine Son Jesus became a human being.”

She paused and went on “The Fiat of redemption and the Fiat of my co-operation is symbolized in the most beautiful flower: Rosa Mystica.

I am the Immaculate Conception – the Mother of our Lord Jesus – the Mother of Grace – the Mother of the mystical body, the Church. Therefore my Divine Son Jesus Christ sent me in 1947 to Montichiari where I touched with my feet the floor in the middle of the church amidst so many of my children. . . That should have revealed that I am Mary, the Mother of the mystical body, the church. . . That meant an invitation to all children of the church to prayer, penitence and expiation. Dark times of ungodliness were beginning. Love for the Lord and for his Mother was diminishing. But if people listen to this invitation, the graces of the Lord and His unending mercy towards the church will let the Rosa Mystica blossom again. Montichiari will become the mountain from which the mystical light will radiate to the whole world. Yes, that will happen . . .”

Pierina asked “Our dear Lady, why don’t you perform a miracle so that the clerical authorities may believe me?” Our Lady replied “How many good deeds have I already done, how many graces have I already distributed! Now and again! But the most obvious miracle will be the return to the true faith, to the true love of the Lord. Then will follow: the re-union in faith of the different churches and peace for the whole world.” Then Our Lady lifted her eyes and hands towards Heaven and said “I ask the Lord abundantly to bless all those of my children who work to make me loved and recognized and who work courageously to fulfill wishes. I promise them my motherly love and the graces of the Lord.”

The above history was taken from the Maria Rosa Mystica book from A.M. Weigl.


By order of the bishop, in early 1966, Pierina Gilli was forbidden to go to Fontanelle.
Later, the hilltop “Castle of St. Mary” was purchased and refurbished for use by sick, elderly, esp. priests, housing a church chapel within. It was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony by the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, Joao Pereira Vencancio, who was immediately interested in this apparition of Our Lady, seeing in it a connection to the Fatima Apparitions.


LATER APPARITIONS (1974-1976) May 15, 1974

“I was praying the Holy Rosary in my oratory”, reports Pierina Gilli. “I was oppressed by great anxiety. When at the suggestion of the Very Rev. Bishop, Monsignor Giacinto Tredeci, I was obliged to spend several years at a convent in Brescia, I got to know a devout and good widow who proved very helpful and beneficial to me. She was now dying and needed much unselfish nursing, day and night. Time after time I undertook to nurse her and stay with her at night. At this time too, a serious illness occurred in my own family. As I had to be busy helping everywhere, my usual prayers and pious devotions were somewhat neglected. This inner need was worrying me as I said the Rosary. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, Our Lady appeared in a glorious heavenly light, and spoke immediately, “Nothing is lost in the Heart of my Divine Son Jesus Christ. Works of neighbourly love are also prayers. Genuine love of one’s neighbour is also true love of God. If only earth’s children would understand the true love of God! What peace would prevail on earth if only true love of the neighbours were practiced! Instead of this, they offend the Lord by grave sin! Today a time has come when man exalts himself even above God, and he lives in a pagan and Godless manner. This is the real evil into which the majority of men have fallen with their erroneous views, which are broadcast throughout the world. As a result, a large number of people are lost”. (Our Lady spoke these words with great sadness). But then the expression of her face changed to one of great joy, and she continued, “But there are silent and obscure souls who pray, make sacrifices and atonement; these continue to call down the mercy of the Lord! I have so often pleaded to bring the message of love, but people remain deaf to this heartfelt request of this their Mother”. (A number of private and personal messages followed at this point). As she left, she said, “In this chapel where so many prayers are said, and to which so many of my children come with their troubles and sorrows, I am always close to them, to grant them the graces of my Divine Son Jesus Christ”. Then she first folded her hands, raised them towards heaven and gave the holy blessing in the words, “May our Motherly blessing descend upon you, upon this house, and upon all objects of devotion . . .Pray, always pray! Help me to bring others to pray a great deal. I am ever close to you with my Motherly protection”. (Then she vanished).

June 29, 1974 (Feast of SS. Peter and Paul and Name Day of Pierina Gilli)

“It was 10 A.M.” reports Pierina Gilli, “and I was saying the Rosary in my chapel. I was praying primarily for my good benefactor Mary . . . who had been seriously ill for some months and was in much pain. Quite unexpectedly, in the midst of my prayer, the Madonna appeared. What a joy! She immediately took up my thoughts and cares, and said, before I could say anything myself, “She will soon be with me in heaven”. She spoke full of joy and kindness, (My good benefactor died a few days afterwards). “All the offerings and sufferings which are sanctified by good intentions become again superabundant graces for the whole world and for the soul itself, a very great reward in heaven!”

“I then recommended to the Madonna various sick people and many cares and sorrows which people had entrusted to me. To this she answered, “I am always very close to you with my motherly love”.

“After this, I said, Dear Lady, on the 13th July, the anniversary of one of your appearances, many pilgrims will be coming and will want to hold a service of prayer and atonement in Fontanelle, especially for priests, religious and good vocations. While I was still speaking, the Madonna showed me, in a picture there, a vast concourse of people, and said, “Tell these my children that I love them dearly and that their prayers and sacrifices of love will be repaid with superabundant graces even in this life, but, more especially, they will one day rejoice in heaven when they see these their offerings of love for the Holy Church shining gloriously there”.

Pierina Gilli continues, “Suddenly an earlier, particularly impressive appearance of the Madonna flooded into my mind (that of January 13, 1951). In this she had shown herself in a door-arch, bathed in a golden light; gleaming inscriptions became visible: ‘Fiat della Creazione’, ‘Fiat della Redenzione’. and ‘Maria della Corredenzione’. Then I did not only have this glorious sight, but I had heard a fabulous choir singing. So I asked her “Were they the heavenly angels? At this, her whole form became majestically radiant, and she said, “Yes, indeed, they were the holy angels. Happy is the man who commends himself to his guardian angel, and follows his intimations. For the guardian angel is always very concerned for the soul entrusted to his care. When then the soul receives heavenly bliss as a merited reward, he will fetch her, and she will be able to join with him and the choirs of heavenly angels in the joy of the almighty God and Father in heaven”.

“At these words the Madonna’s cloak suddenly opened out and became immense like the great dome of heaven, just as I had seen it before. Suddenly I saw tens of thousands of holy angels who enlarged and formed this cloak. There were small, large and quite powerful angels, their ranks extending downwards endlessly. They wore splendid garments, crowns, filets and all possible sorts of symbols. They broadened and extended the Madonna’s cloak over the immense dome of heaven. Under them I saw quite close to the holy angels a great concourse of human beings upon a vast plain.

Among them were bishops, many priests, religious, and many men, women and children. Many of them, especially one bishop, several priests and acquaintances I could recognise quite distinctly. Most of tem were unknown to me”. All together, angels and men, sang in chorus, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord! Love, honour and glory be His through endless ages! Mother of God, Mother of Grace, may you, too, be glorified by heaven and earth”.

Pierina Gilli added, “I do not know how long this majestic vision of heaven lasted. I was rapt in such a fire of love that I was simply incapable any longer of thinking or asking anything else. I then became aware that the Madonna was preparing to depart. I begged her, as usual, for her blessing. She first raised her hands towards heaven, solemnly made the sign of the cross with her right hand, saying, “The blessing of the Lord descend upon you, upon all children who love me, upon all the objects of devotion which you have with you, and this blessing, united with my Motherly love, shall apply also more especially to those people who diligently say the Holy Rosary, and wear my medal over their hearts”.

“At parting, she said solemnly, “Vive d’amore” i.e. Live entirely of love – of love of God and of neighbour!” Pierina responded, “O what will heaven be one day! Lord, I thank you for your abounding love”.

September 8, 1974

“It was towards 1 p.m.”, Pierina Gilli reports, “and I was praying the Holy Rosary in my chapel. Our Lady appeared quite unexpectedly. As always she was full of beauty, light and goodness. She said to me, “I am Mary, the Mother of the Church. For this Church, for the Holy Father, for the priests and for all the children of the Church. I beseech prayer, prayer, prayer, so that the true love of the Lord may return to the hearts of men, true love of neighbour, too, genuine love of neighbour!” I answered, “Yes, dear Madonna, with your help I will do what you ask, and spread your message!”

“Suddenly Our Lady showed me the façade of a great church with five round arches. Upon the middle of the central arch stood something like a small column or a cross, from the centre of which shining, glittering rays shone out far into the sky. The central arch enclosed the nave of the church. On left and right two other arches enclosed the aisles. Thus the whole constituted a church of five naves. I then perceived the exterior and chief façade of this church into which five doors gave entrance. Then I saw inside the church. It was full of people, of all colours and races, white, black, yellow etc. When I asked the Madonna, “Please dear Lady, what is the meaning of this church?” She replied, “The Lord, my Divine Son Jesus Christ, has sent me to make a present to all mankind. He desires that in Fontanelle such a church should be built. With the five round arches, naves and cupolas, it is meant to signify that He would like to enfold all five continents in His arms”.

“After a pause she continued, “Call particularly upon the protection of the holy Archangel Michael so that he may defend the Church against all threatening persecutions. For the Church never was in greater danger than now. I make a petition continually for her. From this little place, too, light will radiate”. Suddenly the Madonna shone in even greater majesty and said, “In very truth the Lord’s light will come!” Pierina Gilli thereupon replied, “We thank you dear Lady for all your great love towards us, but how am I to inform the Church authorities of your wishes?”

Pierina Gilli said, “My voice suddenly gave out, my throat hurting considerably, for on this very morning, the feast of Mary’s birth, the placards denouncing the apparitions had again appeared on the doors of the cathedral in Montichiari. For some time before, they had disappeared; it was obvious that they had been freshly printed”. Monsignor Rossi, in a speech of September 20, 1974, referred to this again when he said, “This declaration against the credibility of the apparitions of the ‘Rosa Mystica’ in Montichiari is most offensive to every notion of truth, justice and love.

Above all, the German translation in which the expression ‘Mary worship’ is twice used, is not only a serious violation of Catholic teaching concerning the honouring of Mary, but a real blasphemy of the Madonna, which will not go unpunished”. Monsignor Rossi said he had already observed that particularly violent opponents of the appearances had died a sudden and unexpected death. “God does not tolerate mockery. Above all He does not allow His Mother to be insulted with impunity. In any case, I know one thing, that the bishop of Brescia, Monsignor Luigi Morstabilini is not behind these placards. When making a visitation in Montichiari he was unable to get a sight of them, and so during his stay in Montichiari, they were removed, but they were replaced after his departure. I heard also the following statement from the bishop, “I am being constantly pressed from various quarters to issue strong prohibitions against the veneration of the ‘Rosa Mystica’, and to denounce the great stream of pilgrims coming to Montichiari; but if a genuine apparition of the Madonna were involved here, I should be taking on a serious responsibility and be blameworthy, and this I want to avoid at all costs”.

Here it should be noted once again that Monsignor Rossi was for twenty-two years the parish priest of Montichiari (1949-1971). He is now living in retirement, but, at the same time, he is still a Canon (a member of the Chapter of the diocese of Brescia). He goes there almost every morning to fulfil his official duties. He is thus still in a very responsible post in the diocesan government. In consequence, he is well aware of the bishop’s attitude to the Montichiari appearances of the Madonna. He repeatedly emphasizes that “there is no real prohibition of the visit to Montichiari. The bishop has not authorized these posters. They do not bear his signature, nor was he able to get a glimpse of them when he made his pastoral visitation.

“When I saw these placards on the cathedral doors again, on the feast day of Our Lady’s Birth”, Pierina Gilli further reports, “I felt a stab in my heart and suffered throughout the morning from this pain. It was obvious that Our Lady, too, understood this pain within me and said with unusual warmth, “I have already taken steps in this matter . . . I have already spoken to the hearts of dear children and encouraged them to become anew messengers of my love, my news and of neighbourly love”. “Saying this”, reports Pierina Gilli, “the Madonna suddenly showed me a picture, and there I saw around the Madonna, the Holy Father, a considerable number of bishops (one of whom I recognized), and many priests, of whom, again, I recognized several distinctly. There were also many religious and lay folk, a great multitude upon whom Our Lady gazed full of love, and who, for their part, looked up to her with love. Filled with courageous joy, I begged the Madonna’s blessing for them all. Then she said, “I am always near them to strengthen them with the Lord’s grace, but tell them to pray, make sacrifices, and atonement in love more than ever”.

Then Pierina Gilli answered, “Many thanks, dear Mother. How I wish that you were honoured and loved much more by all! Therefore, I beg you to help me for I am so small and poor. Then the Madonna smiled kindly at me, making with her right hand a touchingly loving gesture, which was intended to express, “I’ll help you”.

Then she folded her hands, raised her eyes towards heaven and as usual gave the holy blessing, saying, “May the blessing of the Lord descend upon this place. It shall apply to all those whom you wish to enclose in your heart”. Then she became even more radiant as she said, “Praised, loved and glorified be the Lord of Heaven and of every place on this earth”.

Then she left me”, reports Pierina Gilli, “Oh, how good is Our Lady! She had seen the dreadful pain in my heart and had come immediately to console me. One would need the language of angels worthily to sing the praises of heaven’s Mother!”

January 30, 1975

“I was praying in my chapel”, Pierina Gilli reports, “when, quite unexpectedly, at about 9.15 p.m., the Madonna appeared and said, “The times are getting worse and worse . . . a terrible danger is threatening . . . the Church, too, is in great danger . . . Things will get so bad that people will think all is lost, but I am after all a Mother who has a living Heart for her children and would save them. I, therefore, intercede lovingly for their protection. I ask for prayers and am always at hand to accept them, especially the prayers and offerings of the quiet, obscure souls, who gladly make sacrifices and atonement for others; I seek the prayers of the priests, too. For these loving sacrifices will contribute to my return to the Church in a manner more splendid than ever”. With an expression full of sadness, she continued, “As you can observe for yourself, human pride has resulted in confusing those in the highest offices of the Church. They wish to drive me, the Mother, out of the Holy Church and tear me from the children’s hearts. The love of my Divine Son Jesus Christ will send Light. It will be so glorious a light that He will rule eternally as King of heaven and earth with all the honour due to Him”. Now the Madonna blazed in glorious majesty, and added, “And the honour due to this His Mother, too, as it always used to be in the Church”. Pierina Gilli answered, “Thank you, dear Madonna, I will report it to the Church leaders so that your wishes will be fulfilled!” Then the Madonna went on, “Yes, do inform them that I bring to souls love, peace and harmony, and with all my Heart, I pour upon them the abundant graces of the Lord”.

“Now”, Pierina Gilli reports further, “I was able to bring before the Madonna a large number of intentions which people had recommended to me. To this the Madonna replied, “Pierina, how very pleased I am when you ask me for such things with so much trust . . . Tell all good and noble souls that have already cooperated and who will continue zealously to cooperate that I promise them all quite specially my Motherly protection and abundance of graces . . . Pierina, pray and help to make more and more people pray so that the Lord’s mercy may flood over all mankind, which is in great danger. I am burning with love and desire to save the world”.

April 8, 1975

“I was praying in my chapel at about 6.25 in the morning”, Pierina Gilli reports, “when the Madonna appeared quite unexpectedly in marvellous beauty and in very bright light. Smiling kindly she said, “I am very pleased that now at last a small part at least of what I asked some time ago has been done, that is to say, that my statue should be carried in procession to Fontanelle”.

(“At the third appearance in Fontanelle on ‘Corpus Christ’. June 9, 1966, Our Lady had requested, “I desire that here under a canopy a statue be built looking towards the spring. I desire that the statue shall be brought here in procession for the 13th October, but before that, I desire that the people of Montichiari shall be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Montichiari is the place which my Divine Son wishes to choose, in order to dispense the graces of His love”.)

Explanation “The parish priest at that period, Monsignor Abate Francesco Rossi”, Pierina Gilli explains, “had ordered a statue about two metres high to be made by the Perathoner family in St. Ulrich Grodnertal, and had had a small chapel constructed on the spot where, at ‘Corpus Christi’, June 9, 1966, the Madonna had appeared over the ripe wheat field. In this chapel it was supposed to stand in the same place and at the same height as did the Madonna at that appearance. When the statue was completed and brought to Montichiari, such a storm rose over the plans of the priest, especially in church circles, that the solemn dedication in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the associated solemn procession with the statue to Fontanelle, as requested by the Madonna, had to be abandoned. The statue was carried in silence towards evening to the small chapel on the road to Carpenedolo. Right in front, on the top of the gable of the roof, there is a small statue of the Madonna, and about 150 metres farther on along the good, tarred road, a bad, rough track to the right leads over a small bridge to Fontanelle, a distance of about one kilometre. Early in the morning, before 5 a.m., on the instructions of the priest, the statue was carried by a few men as unobtrusively as possible to Fontanelle and set up in the chapel”.

Then the Madonna shone with an unusually bright light, and said, “This place, Fontanelle, where the water gushes so abundantly has been specially blessed by the Lord and is also sanctified by my appearance and presence. Here many of my children will be granted great graces. Here I will give superabundant graces to all those children of mine who love me, honour me, and bring offerings.

Pierina Gilli continued, “On the previous day someone had informed me of an evil slander against me. When now the memory of this occurred to me, the Madonna went straight to it, saying, “My Divine Son Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross also because people did not believe Him, but in His great love He died forgiving them. You forgive them, too, as lovingly as He did. Offer up your hurt generously and pray for the slanderers. At your next Holy Communion renew once again this offering of loving forgiveness”.

Pierina Gilli continued, “I asked, Dear Madonna, please tell me in advance when you are going to appear. To this she replied, “It is the Lord’s will that my appearances are not announced in advance”.

Now I was able to spread before the Madonna many intentions which had been recommended to me and to ask her holy blessing on all co-workers, on the sick, etc. Then Our dear Lady answered with wonderful love and kindness, “Tell then all that I love them and grant then heavenly graces. Pray and love one another, all you are my children!” (Saying this, the Madonna showed me a picture – many people I knew, and many I did not know). “Remain together in love and peace, and one day you will be with me for ever in heaven”.

When I begged her for her blessing on all the objects of devotion, Our Lady said full of kindness and joy, “May the blessing of the Lord come down abundantly on them”. Now the Madonna suddenly showed herself in unutterable pain. Sobbing tearfully, she lamented heartrendingly, “Oh, if you only knew how many of my children are going the way that leads to destruction!” A little later, she appeared in a specially splendid light, and said joyfully, with great determination, “The prayers, offerings and penance of so many people prevent the true judgement of God from falling upon mankind. In my love I am always pleading with my Son Jesus Christ. Quietly pray and make sacrifice!”

The following also happened: At 11 a.m. on Whit Sunday, April 6, 1975, the first penitential procession with the statue of the ‘Rosa Mystica’ took place. This statue, one metre high, was made by the Perathoner family of St. Ulrich in the Grodnertal, near Bozen. Screwed to the bearing platform, it can be easily and safely carried in procession by four people. On Whit Sunday, 1975, heavy snowstorms swept over the whole Alpine area, causing many avalanches. On this account, many of the pilgrims could not traverse the Alpine passes and to their great sorrow had to turn back. The other who had got over the passes before the avalanches had occurred had on the return journey many difficulties and often long waits. For most pilgrims, these days of the feast of Whitsun were associated with much trouble and many sacrifices. Nevertheless, C. 200 people from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy were able to take part in this first penitential procession with the statue”. In the afternoon after two there was another penitential procession from Fontanelle to the bridge and back, altogether about two kilometres. Owing to the rainy weather, the statue could not accompany the pilgrims, of whom there were many just the same.

In the evening of this Whit Sunday, towards five o’clock, a frightful storm blew up from the west moving eastwards. To the east the sky became a bluish black. When it began to rain heavily, a brilliant sun blazed quite remarkably from the west into this falling rain. This produced two complete and splendid rainbows, one above the other. They were of indescribable beauty and colour. Later, many local inhabitants, who were elderly, claimed that they could not remember ever to have seen so marvellous a display of natural forces in this place. Was it intended to be a sign of the dear Mother of Heaven? Perhaps, first a sign of her pleasure in all the sacrifices, trials, and child-like love and trust of the pilgrims of those days: but rather, perhaps, a sign of consolation and hope for the future, with a request and an admonition, “Give Our Lady the love and honour which are her due. Fulfil her requests for prayer, sacrifice and penance; she will triumph gloriously, and peace will reign exactly as she promised at Fatima. Ever since Noah’s flood, the rainbow has been the heavenly token of grace”.

Early in the morning of the Tuesday following this Whit Sunday, Our Lady appeared and immediately expressed her pleased satisfaction with the first penitential procession with the statue. This is truly a very clear hint that we should take the words and requests of Our Lady very seriously and carry them out to the best of our ability. When heaven makes demands of us, it gives us the necessary grace to carry them out, and follows up their fulfilment by granting a blessing and a reward of truly heavenly proportions.

July 3, 1975

“When I returned, at about eight in the morning from the cathedral after Mass and Holy Communion”, Pierina Gilli reports, “I made as usual a second thanksgiving before the statue of the ‘Rosa Mystica’ in my chapel. Then Our Lady appeared again quite unexpectedly. At the sight of her, the following thoughts rushed into my mind, and the following words came to my lips, “Oh dear Madonna, how glad I am you have come again. At your last appearance I was as though spellbound and could not get a word out. I was so sorry afterwards”.

On June 14, 1975, twelve statues of the ‘Pilgrim Madonna’, each seventy centimetres high, had been placed in Pierina Gilli’s chapel. As a priest (who was wearing a stole) was blessing them in the manner prescribed by the Roman Ritual in the presence of Pierina Gilli and her friend Lucia, the Madonna appeared quite briefly, said a few words, loving gave her blessing to all three and again disappeared. As soon as everything was over, Pierina Gilli’s numbness disappeared, and she fell on her knees earnestly to thank our dear Lady for the grace of the apparition and her blessing. Only afterwards did she become conscious that this time something unique had happened. Up to then she had always fallen on her knees at the beginning of an appearance and had remained kneeling throughout, and for some time afterwards. This time it had not so much as occurred to her. She could only look and listen, immobile and speechless. Only when the priest had completed the prayers of blessing could she relate what had just happened to her two companions, who had observed nothing.

Then she knelt and expressed her thanks for it, but the two who were with her noticed in the face of the visionary the indescribable glory of that ecstasy which had just ended. It was a facial expression such as the best of actors could not counterfeit.

Pierina continued, “Our Lady referred to this particular priest’s blessing of June 14, 1975, explaining as follows, “The priest’s blessing in this world is something so great that even I have to respect it when making an appearance. See, Pierina, that is why, at the time, I required of you no movement and no words. That was to emphasize the greatness and importance of the high dignity of the sacred priesthood as it was instituted by my Divine Son Jesus Christ”.

Pierina, tell all generous and loyal people who heed our invitation, and lovingly pray, and make atonement, even when they are ridiculed for it, that the Lord loves them, and I love them, too. With all my Heart I promise them rich heavenly blessings and many spiritual joys . . . Pierina, pray, pray, and help me to get others to pray. The times grow ever more calamitous through the effect of the satanic and godless delusion, which strives to undermine and destroy the work of the Divine Redeemer, the Lord of the whole universe. Now is the time for prayer, the hour for good example, the hour for sacrifice for loyalty and courageous effort. In mutual love go on working boldly together to implore peace and harmony in the Church”. At this point Our Lady became significantly more radiant (Surely to indicate that her following words were of very special importance).

“Indeed, I am the Mother full of love for her children. I want to help and save. Montichiari, to which I have come with the Lord’s message will acquire a powerful significance. A great and glorious light will go from here into a great number of souls throughout the world. For this, you must suffer in silence and make offerings lovingly. Broadcast everywhere the love of this Mother’s Heart”.

“I was now able to set before Our Lady”, Pierina Gilli reports, “many intentions and requests, which people had brought to me. To these she said very kindly, “Yes, tell them all that I take them all under my special gracious protection and in particular those who generously help to get my wishes fulfilled” Saying this, Our Lady showed (Pierina) a large picture with many people in it, some of whom she recognized. Most of them, however, were unknown to her. Our Lady pointed very lovingly to this picture, saying, “All you, my beloved children, who come on pilgrimage here, who love and honour me, shall receive once and for always the heavenly joys of this Maternal Heart that is overflowing with love”.

August 31,1975

“In my chapel at about 10 a.m.”, Pierina Gilli reports, “I saw quite unexpectedly a heavenly light. From this light, the Madonna emerged looking majestic and unutterably beautiful. She said, “Pierina, how often already I have come to you to bring my love, together with the graces and the light of the Lord! . . . I have stirred up beloved children to fulfil and make more widely known the wishes of which I have spoken”.

“I shall lead all those dear children of mine who love me to the Lord, with the light of God the father, the love of my Divine Son Jesus Christ and with the grace of the Holy Spirit”.

“Now”, Pierina Gilli reports, “I was able to ask, “Dear Madonna, are you content that so much love and respect are shown to you through the Pilgrim Madonnas?”

“Then she replied with a happy smile, “Indeed I am. There I am accompanied by whole hosts of holy angels, who praise the Lord. Where I stop as Pilgrim Madonna, where I am invoked, and where many prayers are said, my Divine Son Jesus Christ in every such place, causes special graces to flow down from heaven into souls”.

“Then she went on with much greater solemnity, “Onward, dear children. Go on praying zealously! Now is the time for courageous effort. Love the Church and the Pope . . . keep loyal to them by your good example, by a truly Christian life! Make sacrifices and cultivate the Christian virtues. Then, on this account, I will love you even more. Thus will come the triumph of the Church, and you yourselves will receive the glories of heaven”.

“My love wants to enclose the whole world in her arms . . . I love all as they are . . . that is the love of my Maternal Heart . . . Here in Montichiari I have uttered many and great requests . . . but many people remain deaf to these requests. For this reason, I have chosen generous hearts elsewhere, who seek to fulfil my requests for prayer, sacrifice and atonement for the pope, the clergy and members of religious congregations. Wherever the Pilgrim Madonna is taken, I will be accompanied by hosts of angels, who praise the Lord, because there so many of my loyal children love and glorify me”.

“Then the Madonna showed me again, as on September 8, 1974, a picture of a five-naved church and many other buildings which will one day stand in Fontanelle. Pointing to it, she said very emphatically, “In due course, this picture will become a reality. As I have already often told you, I have brought love to Montichiari, love . . . and with this love, I call upon you and all my children who love me and cooperate with me so that others may love me and obtain the very special graces of my motherly Heart. Tell all the sick in mind or body of whom you have spoken to me that I bear all their sorrows in my Heart to lead them to greater sanctity”.


Apparition on the Feast of Christ the King November 23. 1975

Pierina Gilli reports: “At about 7 p.m., I was in the chapel arranging the flowers which had been brought by the pilgrims when Our Lady appeared quite unexpectedly. She called me and said, “Child, go on telling my children of my love for them. Tell them that my Divine Son Jesus Christ gives me the grace to grant favours to all, for He never refuses His Mother anything”. (Now her voice became quite majestic, and she went on.

“It is true, I am the Lord’s Mother! . . the Mother of the Church. The Mother of Mankind! Pierina, the offerings and prayers which have been offered to the Lord by so many people have obtained great graces. The world ought to have been visited by a great judgement because of its hardening in sin . . . “ (a pause) “His great and endless mercy has triumphed once again. My good children, pray and make sacrifices for all. By this means souls will be saved”.

“It was now my opportunity”, Pierina Gilli reports, “to ask her questions, Dear Madonna, will you please say something about the statues of the Pilgrim Madonna which were taken to Rome?” Then Our Lady replied, “Prayers will be said in front of these statues, and I am now specially present in the great city of my beloved son, Pope Paul, the Church’s father”.

“True, wherever I stay (in the Pilgrim Madonna) I bring with me the Lord’s graces and the love of this motherly Heart! I bring light into hearts where now there is darkness, that they may understand the love which I have revealed in Montichiari”.

“Work with my love! . . Give with my love! . . Make sacrifices with my love! . . . In this way you will one day be united forever with me. What favour would be greater than this to live completely with me and for me! . . This is not meant only for you, Pierina, but likewise for all those children of mine who love me.

May the blessing of the Lord, with the light of belief, the light of heavenly hope, and the light of love descend upon you all”.

With these words”, Pierina Gilli reports, “Our Lady disappeared and left in my heart new light and a new warmth of love for all mankind”.

Epiphany January 6, 1976

“It was about 8.30 a.m.”, reports Pierina Gilli. “I had returned from Mass and Holy Communion in the cathedral of Montichiari, and was, as usual, making a second thanksgiving in my chapel. Then there appeared first a heavenly light, and then, visibly Our Lady herself. She began to speak immediately saying,

“Look. In these days of materialism which cause man to plunge into spiritual misery and to forget the Lord’s name and mine . . . (pause) I come to call for a return and to point towards heaven whence I bring my message of love. O my children! I love you with the love of Jesus Himself, and that is an immeasurable love. I want to save you all. I come to bring harmony, so that peace may reign in the world. Like a loving Mother, I am striving everywhere to gather my children around me . . . even those who are far removed. With the patience and mercy of the Lord, I am waiting for their return. See, this is the motherliness of the Mother of God, whose anxiety is boundless, to lead all to the Lord!”

I thanked the dear Madonna”, Pierina Gilli reports, and said, “Dear Lady, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, I was stricken with very bitter grief, but I offered it all to the Lord for love of you”.

To this the Madonna replied with a kind smile, “My beloved son, Pope Paul, on that very day addressed words of love to the faithful, words of respect and light, in that he glorified our Mystical Motherhood and impressively confirmed it”. (At these words Our Lady became much more radiant and in a majestic voice continued) “Indeed! I am Mary, the incarnate ‘Rosa Mystica’, the Mother of the Church! This is the message which was revealed to you, my poor child, years ago”.

“I thanked her”, Pierina Gilli reports, “and she went on smiling, “See, when I bring to my children the message of love, I make use of the most beautiful flower symbol, the rose. It is superabundantly filled with the fragrance of the Lord’s love. He has given another present, in the spring of Fontanelle. For He is Himself an ever living spring from which graces flow in great abundance upon His children”.

I thanked her, and smilingly, she continued, “Oh my children. Do love me. Do go on praying and interceding! Jesus never refuses me anything. He refuses no request made by me His mother. He wishes always to give Himself to the whole of mankind!! (quite solemnly) “What love could be greater than that of my Divine Son Jesus Christ! . . . Pierina, tell everybody that I expect their cooperation to go on working to make me better known and loved!”

I asked her, “Please dear Madonna should the matter of the Pilgrim Madonnas continue?” To this she replied,) “Of course! Wherever I go (with the Pilgrim Madonnas) I take with me an abundance of the Lord’s graces. Continue to spread the light and the love of the message I revealed in Montichiari. It applies quite specially to those who are dedicated to God, above all to my beloved sons, the priests.

Invite then to come to the hallowed spring to pray and to thank the Lord for His great gift. Tell all my children that I always grant them the blessing and grace of the Lord”. At these words the dear Madonna spread her arms out and her cloak. Beneath this protective cloak I saw many people. Without question I could identify some of them. Most of them, however, were unknown to me. Then she disappeared”.

February 13, 1976

As I was praying in my chapel at about 9.30 a.m.”, Pierina Gilli reports, “Our Lady appeared unexpectedly and said”, “I come once again to tell you should make known my message to a wider public. For hundreds of years I have come down time and time again, in many places throughout the world. If, since my Assumption into heaven, I had not returned frequently to the earth to gather my children around me, the world without my motherly and loving intervention would to a great extent have grown cold and dry towards the Lord. My children simply need this my intimate Mother-love, for in their weakness they fall away so easily from the Lord, our Almighty God and father. You see, this is the reason for my coming”.

“Every time I descend to this earth to bring the message of love, the whole of heaven stirs into movement. Great hosts of angels flock around me like a huge garland. On the other hand, however, large number of my earthly children receive me apathetically and remain deaf to our invitation to love Our Lord more and more!”

“Pierina, repeat over and over again to my specially loved children, the priests, my desire that they should love me. Tell them that they should announce this message of the Lord’s mother everywhere, far and wide. They must not allow to be in vain all that I have already done in so many centuries, and which I am still doing, to save my children who are in great peril”.

“The Lord must be loved, praised, and glorified with all the strength of faith and love”.

“Now”, Pierina Gilli reports, “I was permitted to ask, Dear Madonna, people have recommended to me so many requests to place before you!” To this she answered very kindly”

“Tell all these generous hearts that have accepted my message of love, that they shall receive special graces of the Lord . . . They must boldly continue to work together for ‘Fontanelle’, which was hallowed by our presence. This place will always be a place of prayer. . . It will be a lighthouse of faith and love for the sick and needy”.

(With great majesty she said) “I shall intervene. . . The clouds will vanish! The glory of the Lord will triumph; He it was, too, who sent me to Montichiari”.

(With a smile she continued) “Onward. Trust and Courage. Yes, honour to those who have courage. The sick and the needy are waiting for the work of love!”

At these words the Madonna spread out her cloak. As before on April 17 1966, when she appeared in Fontanelle for the first time, I saw a vast church and many great buildings. When I thanked the Madonna, she said with a kind smile”,

“See, this is the Lord’s Love. I want it to flood the whole world!

I repeat once again; my children,
love the Lord and this His mother!
All of you, love one another in true brotherly love!
Go to Holy Mass!
Come together to pray in church.
Go zealously to the holy sacraments to receive the grace of loyalty, and give the world an example of true Christians!
Do all this if you wish to be saved.
Prayer! Sacrifice! Atonement!”

As the Madonna receded, she said slowly and softly”, “Addio! God protect you!”.

Easter Tuesday, April 20, 1976

“I was at prayer in my chapel at about 6 a.m.”, Pierina Gilli reports, “when the Madonna appeared quite unexpectedly. Highly pleased, I cried, “Oh, dear Madonna, thank you for coming once again, for I have suffered greatly of late thinking you would never come again because at your last appearance (on February 13, 1976) you left me with that slowly and gently spoken, “Addio”.

“Our Lady replied very kindly, “While you were suffering silently in this way, I was nevertheless always near you with my Motherly love. For with it you had to show that one ought to leave everything entirely to the Lord’s will”.

I thanked Our Lady”, Pierina Gilli reports “

Smiling she said, “Pierina, say to the sick and all who have to endure worry and sorrow that this becomes their altar of sacrifice upon which superabundant graces are drawn from heaven. Through these, indeed, my very special love comes to many families, to many hearts and souls and they later become a glorious crown for all eternity. Be then of good heart. I am with them, giving them my special protection”.

(She continued smiling) “Pierina, if you were made to wait quietly and fearfully, that was to be a purification and preparation for the festival of Whitsunday”. (quite solemnly) “On this feast-day (Whitsunday, April 25, 1976) I shall be quite specially present in Fontanelle in order to grant my children who will be there great graces from my Divine Son. As a memorial of this day, the other springs there are now to be consecrated and blessed by my presence”.

(The main spring has been contained for some years. A brook with a plentiful supply of water flows past it. Upstream, a considerable number of other springs feed this brook. These, therefore were also to be especially dedicated and blessed.

“On Whitsunday, April 25, 1976, many thousands of pilgrims were staying in Fontanelle enjoying glorious sunshine. There were fifty large coaches there for it.) I thanked Our Dear Lady”, Pierina Gilli continued.

“Now a huge cross became visible. Amazed, I asked, “Dear Madonna, what does this mean?”

She replied, “This great cross is to be set up in the centre of the square near the little chapel! All my children who pray looking upon this cross will receive great graces. The sight of this cross is to grant to all the light of faith, hope and love! Indeed, in this place (Fontanelle), united with my Divine Son Jesus Christ, my Heart will remain open and my arms extended to grant great graces. . . In particular, by it, my sinful children will be saved”. (quite solemnly) “Come hither, my children! Here I have opened for you a fountain of forgiveness and love Above all, my specially beloved children who now have to suffer so much and yet make a special stand for this place (Fontanelle), you will be rewarded by my special motherly love. The time has now come. . . It is now the hour in which I desire that my love and the Lord’s mercy shall be extended to the whole world. My children, do not be discouraged when you fear that the hand of Divine justice seems about to punish. I am always ready to offer petitions, and mercy will always triumph”.

“I thanked Our Lady and asked, “Dear Madonna, are the new Pilgrim Madonna statues to be taken on to Fontanelle, too? She answered, “Yes, it is our wish that this be done also in the future”. Then the dear Madonna bent down towards me, saying in a Motherly tone,

“Pierina, all your striving and desire is to consist in praying and making sacrifice for all!. . . Rely on me. I have chosen you to bring love and grace!” (Saying these words she left me”.)

Pentecost, June 6, 1976

“In my chapel”, Pierina Gilli reports, “at about two in the afternoon, there appeared unexpectedly first a heavenly light and then Our Lady herself. With very great kindness she said,

“Pierina, tell all my children who come here and frequently repeat this, my motherly request; Children, love the Lord! Pray and make offerings to gain eternal salvation. Love one another like good brothers and sisters. . . and I come to bring peace to your souls and concord to your hearts. The great Heart of my Son and Lord, Jesus, has placed in my hands the power to distribute to souls His divine favours with the light of the Holy Spirit”.

( Pierina Gilli continued, “I saw her spread her arms and her cloak. From her hands fell small tongues of fire upon the persons under her cloak. She continued majestically,) I am your mother, stooping down to offer to Jesus, my Divine Son, your anxieties and needs, your prayerful intentions. In appreciation of the love of His Mother, He confers upon her the power of making petitions and bestowing His favours upon the world”.

“Then she became more radiant and spoke solemnly,) “I am Mary, the Mediatrix of Grace! Pierina, make known to all this gift I have received from the Lord Jesus. I am the Mother of Love, and I come to console and save! May my very special blessing come down upon all children who love me and help others to do the same!”

“After saying this,” Pierina Gilli reports, “she disappeared, but in my chapel there remained a marvellous scent of roses, which persisted for hours and was detected by many pilgrims, who were overjoyed and greatly moved”.

September 3, 1976 First Friday of the Scared Heart of Jesus

“When I returned from Mass in the morning”, Pierina Gilli narrates, “Our Lady appeared, but she did not speak. When in the afternoon of the same day I was writing in my room, I saw a bright light in my chapel. I went immediately to look. What joy! Our dear Lady was there again. How good she is. Very kindly she said,

“Pierina, at this moment many faithful children are on their way here. . . Tell them they must have courage and confidence in their prayers, but, above all, help to make them understand the Lord’s love more and more”. (“Then she shone much more brightly and continued in a sad but Motherly voice) “My children, pray and do not be afraid if in these days the great Enemy strives to obscure the light of my Divine Son Jesus Christ. I gather the prayers and petitions of so many souls, and then they are transformed into the grace of peace, concord and light. You, my children, who love me and try to fulfil my wishes. . . You, my children who make sacrifices, so that the message of love is not lost. . . You, my children, who cooperate to ensure the safety of Fontanelle, the place so specially beloved by us. . You will receive from my Divine Son Jesus Christ a specially great reward, and great evidence of grace!”

(In a remarkably kind voice, she said, on leaving) “Live always in this my love”.

June 12, 1979

“At about 5.30 p.m.”, Pierina Gilli reports, “Our Lady appeared unexpectedly in my chapel in a magnificent light. She spread her arms wide, and her cloak extended unendingly. There was a large church with many buildings under her right arm. In front of it were many people – above all, priests and nuns! Under her left arm were many statues of the Pilgrim Madonna, the ‘Rosa Mystica’, and in front of them, many people in prayer with their hands folded. They were kneeling or standing”.

“Then Our Lady said, “The prayer of so many souls draws down mercy from my Divine Son and Lord, Jesus, onto the world and His mercy is full of love!” “(With special intonation of her voice, but full of love, Our Lady continued:) “You, my children, who so love your mother, always confess to it with courage! You may be certain that your sacrifices will be transformed into superabundant, even into triumphant graces and rich rewards, by the heart of the Lord. My children, love defeats everything! Therefore, this Mother of yours, Mary, spreads out her arms and opens her heart in order to give everyone her motherly love and the graces of the Lord in superabundance!”

May 13, 1982

“After Holy Mass at the Basilica in Montichiari”, Pierina Gilli continued, “I gave thanks once more in my chapel at about 8 a.m., in particular for the deliverance of the Holy Father during an attempt on his life the evening before at Fatima. Suddenly, and after a break of almost three years, Our dear Lady appeared and said to me, “The Lord has sent me again in order to assure you of our love. This is above all a reward for your obedience to the ecclesiastical authorities!”

“O, thank you, My dear Lady”, Pierina Gilli responded! “I am so worried that this place of pilgrimage will disappear!”

“Thereupon, Our Lady replied with a smile, “My Divine Son and Lord, Jesus, is always full of love. . . This place will not disappear! . . . One day they will recognize how many graces were given here to my faithful children. Faith, trust, and love bring so much light into hearts. Together with my Divine Son, Jesus, I spread out my arms here and both of us open our hearts to give our children graces in superabundance”.

Pierina Gilli asked, “Will you save the world?”

Our Lady answered, “Yes! The prayers and sacrifices of so many good children draw forth through my motherly love, the mercy of my almighty Son and of God!”

Pierina Gilli said, “Our dear Lady, let me see again the church in Fontanelle in a brilliant light. In front of it are many, many people in prayer! Above all, priests and nuns!”

March 24, 1983

“Our Lady appeared completely unexpectedly at about 8 a.m. in my chapel”, stated Pierina, “and with a smile said to me, “I come again to bring to all my children who love me the graces of my Divine Son, Jesus!” (With a special motherly tone in her voice, Our Lady said;) “You, my very much beloved children, who are especially loved and dear to my heart, always trust this heart of your mother!” (Now I saw Our Lady surrounded by many priests in their clerical clothes. With a solemn voice, she continued:) “You, my faithful children who have to suffer, my heart is always open, also the heart of my Divine Son, Jesus, to give everyone the graces of a worldwide love. Human science would like to destroy the works of God, but He is more powerful and infinitely merciful! That is why He sent me to Fontanelle to give away His graces there. Truly, my children, don’t let others confuse you! Remain united! Continue to pray faithfully. Make this place into a holy place of peace! I am always present here to accept your prayers and troubles and to place them into the hands of my Divine Son, Jesus”.

“O, thank you, my dear lady”, replied Pierina Gilli, “for this promise! Now I would like to recommend to you all those people I carry in my heart; above all, those who help me and who have to persevere and suffer because of your appearance at Fontanelle!”

(Now Our Lady appeared in an even more brilliant light, and again let me see, as in the past, a church with five domes. In front of it, I saw many people in prayer. Our Lady said with a smile:) “Truly! One day this will become reality! My daughter, do not be afraid! I am always near you in order to give everyone the graces of my motherly love!”

Background of Pierina Gilli (I used google translate from spanish to english so some englsih ,vocabulary are not that clear although I tried to edit some of those I can understand)

Pierina Gilli

Pierina Gilli

Pierina Gilli was  born on August 3, 1911,   in the village of St. George, Montichiari, Brescia region, Italy. She died  in January 12, 1991 in the town of Broschetti. Her father, Pancrazio Gilli, was a peasant. Her mother, Rosa Bartoli (died in 1962) bore  nine children in poverty and fear of God. Of these, three were from a first marriage and six children from a second marriage after the death of her first husband in 1918 as a result of the First World War. Pierina was the first child of nine siblings.

Home of Pierina as donated by benefactors

Home of Pierina as donated by benefactors

There was nothing extraordinary in the childhood of Pierina. However she belonged to the category of privileged souls by the charisma of private revelations souls characterized by simplicity, poverty and suffering. Sufferings to Pierina were connected at first with poverty, illness, the death of her father, hospitalization in an orphanage and then began to suffer herself as Mary’s message “Mystic Rose”: prayer, sacrifice and penance.
The first great sorrow was when at age seven she saw her father again, weakened by his detention at the end of the First World War. He came not to be the joy of family, but to die shortly after in hospital.
From 1918 to 1922 Pierina lived in the orphanage of the Sisters of Charity, where at age eight, she received First Eucharist. At age eleven, had to return to her family: her mother remarried and needed the help of Pierina, with an older sister to care for younger  and siblings.
At twelve his family shared a hut with another family where Pierina’s purity was  threatened but bailed out by divine grace.
With 17 years underwent a crisis, while working in an establishment, deviating from the path of holiness, overcoming it with the help of his Confessor, recalling commitment to be fully God.
At 18, she took care of children in municipal day care and a good young man proposed marriage to her, being proved by his confessor. For  two months, Pierina underwent a major  internal crisis and later realised her call to   religious vocation.

At twenty she was about to perform her own dream to be accepted among the postulants of the Servants of Charity, when she was struck by pneumonia (pleurisy), followed by long months of convalescence. After that she was unable to compete with the candidates, because the work was forced. Instead, she found a job suited to their forces in Carpenedolo as maid of Father Joseph Brochini, which had a blind eighty year old mother. She served  there until the age of 26 years, from 1931 to 1937, the  peaceful years, with  the priest and his elderly mother in prayer, meditation and spiritual reading.

With the death of the mother of a priest, she left  to follow her vocation. However it has not been possible, due to her poor health.  Then came two years as a maid in Brescia in Practice “Villa Blanca” with the Sisters of Charity of St. Antida Thouret.


Bedroom of Pierina where she died

At 29, not feeling able to be of much service in the men’s dept., she  said goodbye then she was  accepted in the Civil Hospital of the Garda Desenzano, where she served the Servants of Charity.She spent four years during the war in relative serenity.

Tomb of Pierina Gilli

Tomb of Pierina Gilli who died January 12, 1991


“Many miracles …” 

This is what Our Lady has identified as an immediate fruits of her apparitions in Montichiari quickly became clear. Many miracles have taken place already during the apparition on December 8.

5-year-old Ugo Seneca, a boy from Lumezzane (Brescia), who could not move due to paralysis, participated in the revelation of his parents. Immediately after the apparition, he began to walk in front of everyone. After leaving the cathedral boy said despite the emotion in a way quite naturally: “I saw the Mother of God and she smiled at me.” The boy grew up to be healthy today, started a family.

Teresina Magli, 25-year-old woman living in Malpaga di Calvisano (Brescia) was 12 years affected by various diseases, including tuberculosis and dumbness. When the apparition  was going on in the cathedral she was healed and shared their joy with the community who sincerely congratulated her. This young woman is now  a nun.

Another woman, 30-year-old Laurin Zamboni from Montichiari, has never been completely normal. At the age of 18 years and retreated speechless mental development. While the father went to the cathedral knowing about having come the apparition, his sister in law dealt with her in the house. At the moment of apparition,  she asked the Mother of God: “O Holy Mother of God, if you really now manifest, in the Cathedral of Montichiari, please let the poor health of the patient.” At  that instant,   the patient completely regained health, and she started to recite the rosary  with the aunt r with indescribable joy and fervor. It’s hard to imagine the joy of his father after returning home. Up to this day  in Montichiari many unusual and inexplicable healings and conversions occur.

The Witness!
The parish priest in Montichiari for 22 years, Monsignor Abate Francisco Rossi, wrote about its many miracles and the local bishop convened a board of inquiry – but it failed to conclude as it was fraught with negativity. Many feared reprisals. They never interviewed any witnesses, and refused to look at medical claims, but had a medical authority declare that Pierina Gilli was “addicted to morphene” after she told them she took sedatives for a kidney disease that relieved soon afterwards.

Six bishops in succession have said they believed in the apparitions, but have not given the required church approval. However, there is no prohibition for the faithful and sickly to visit.

Many spontaneous healings and conversions have now been documented with a body of evidence that should bring Church approval sometime in the future.

Pope Paul 6 had the Pilgrim Madonna #50 in his residence since 1975.
Pope John Paul 2 blessed the statue of Rosa Mystica in Rome on more than one occasion. He kept a statue in his private chapel during his pontificate.

Many of the Pilgrim Madonna statues worldwide have cried human tears – or tears of blood.

The Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Laux of Salvator College, D-7954 Bac Wurzach, West Germany who liases with the Vatican, had a private audience with the Holy Father in 1985.

Pope John Paul II told Fr. Laux:
“I am receiving many reports from Cardinals, Bishops and Missions…reports of Rosa Mystica statues shedding tears, reports of cures and conversions through the Rosa Mystica, reports that people return to prayer and penance through the Rosa Mystica statue of Montichiari.”

The Holy Father asked Cardinal Martini of Milan and two bishops of the Vatican to visit the seer Pierina Gilli, to speak with her, to investigate the apparition, and to give their reports.

Cardinal Ratzinger was asked to keep his eye on the investigation. The Holy Father’s concern and urgency is understandable considering that it is alleged that presently more than 70 Rosa Mystica statues are weeping worldwide.

Devotion to Rosa Mystica is strong in the Eastern Church and the Litany of Loreto extols her. In 1738 a miraculous painting of Rosa Mystica was painted with 3 colored roses and venerated for its powers. It also has 13 golden roses in the painting, now kept in the church of Maria Rosenberg in Speyer, Germany. It may have a connection to the 13th, the Day of Mary.


Maria Rosa Mystica


Prayers for Reparation Blog

My Etherworld (some photos)

Rosa Mystica

Community Mariana Everlasting Covenant

Our Lady’s Mantle


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  7. It wasn’t entirely clear to me what the secret the Virgin told Pierina was, did she ever reveal it to the world? Was it that there would be a magnificent church built there dedicated to Rosa Mystica, Mother of the Church? I, too, would love to have a blessed medal, do you know how I could get one?

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